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How to Use Body Gel & Body Wash

Wondering how to use shower gel? There’s definitely a right way – discover more with our derm-approved article!

Written by Tenley Haraldson. Medically Reviewed by Board-Certified Dermatologist Dr. Julie Jackson, MD, FAAD.

Shower gel usage seems pretty straightforward: Hop in the shower, lather the product across your skin, then rinse off. Our derm-approved article is here to prove that there’s actually a best way to use body wash.

Start with the Right Shower Gel or Body Wash

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Many commercial bar soaps dry out skin because they:

  • tend to lack added moisturizers
  • include synthetic ingredients (like artificial fragrance and sulfates)
  • aren't pH-balanced

Our team of biochemists developed our pH-balanced, sulfate-free, 98.6% Puracy Natural Body Wash. It's loaded with plant essential oils, clinical-grade moisturizers, and coconut-based surfactants which gently cleanse skin while leaving incredible moisture behind. 

Fun Fact: We're Allure's favorite body wash for sensitive skin!

How Much Body Wash to Use

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Too much shower gel can leave behind a sticky/greasy film and strip skin of its natural oils. When we developed our Natural Body Wash, we determined that a palmful of product was the perfect amount.

How Often Should I Use Body Wash?

Your body wash should contain ingredients that cleanse and moisturize your skin. A pH-balanced shower gel should be fine to use every time you shower. You can use body wash with hands, a soft washcloth, or even a loofah. Don't scrub forcefully, as this can exacerbate dry skin.

Should I Use Body Wash on My Whole Body?

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Did you know that you can clean most of your skin simply by rinsing it with water? Dr. Julie Jackson MD, FAAD explains:

“Reserve soap and shower gel for your underarm and groin regions – unless your skin is visibly dirty from activities like gardening or working in the garage.”

Can You Use Body Wash as Hand Soap?

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Body wash is formulated for the skin. In terms of moisture retention, it's a better choice than many hand soaps. While bar and hand soaps typically have a higher ratio of active cleaners than body washes, washing your hands properly should still serve the same function. 

Can You Use Shampoo as Body Wash?

Can You Use Shampoo as Body Wash

Shampoos are formulated with ingredients to clean and moisturize the hair and scalp. And because hair texture and the pH level of skin is different, your body wash should be different, too.

Unless the product specifically states that it's both a body wash and shampoo, it’s best not to use it in your hair. We still recommend keeping those two products separate.

Can You Use Body Wash on My Face?

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Generally speaking, facial cleansers and body washes use different ingredients. Because the skin on your face is typically more sensitive than the rest of your body, stick to face-specific cleansers.  

Can You Use Body Wash as Bubble Bath?

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Shower gels are formulated to lather when they’re applied to the body. That means you probably won't get fluffy mounds in a bathtub. For a relaxing bubble bath loaded with rich foam, we recommend a natural bubble bath instead.

3 Tips to Improve Your Shower Experience

Choosing the right shower gel is the first step. Take your shower routine to the next level by following these easy tips:

1. Avoid Hot Water

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Since hot water is one of the biggest culprits for dry skin, turn the dial down. After lathering your favorite body wash over your body, rinse with warm water to reduce the loss of moisture. 

2. Exfoliate & Moisturize

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1-2 times a week, consider dry brushing before your shower. Afterward, be sure to apply a nourishing body lotion to dry skin within 5 minutes.

3. Give Your Skin Time to Adapt

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If you typically use cleansers packed with synthetic ingredients, it may take time for your skin to adjust. Stick things out for 2-4 weeks (unless you experience a serious dermatological reaction, of course).

“If any products cause increased redness, itching, burning, or stinging, discontinue use and consult your dermatologist to test for contact allergens (to identify specific ingredients to avoid in the future).” - Dr. Julie Jackson

Puracy: The Best Body Wash for Healthier Skin

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Our Natural Body Wash is free of sulfates, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances, perfumes, dyes, gluten, animal by-products, petroleum products, triclosan cocamidopropyl betaine, formaldehyde, and phosphates.

When you choose our plant-based personal care, healthier skin is at your fingertips. We're so confident that all of our products come with a 100% money-back guarantee.