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Clean Carpets & Upholstery By Hand

New Accidents Old Accidents

Solid: Manually remove as much as possible

Liquid: Dilute with water, then blot dry

Thoroughly identify the affected area using sight and smell (hint: a black light flashlight is helpful)

Evenly spray the entire affected area with our liquid solution

Dilute our liquid solution 1:1 with water and thoroughly saturate the entire affected area

Gently agitate to work the solution into the material using a brush or damp towel

Put a heavy object (coffee table book, brick) in a gallon freezer bag to cover the treated area and ensure liquid touches all affected layers

Wait at least 15 minutes

Wait at least 8 hours

Extract with a carpet extractor using water, only.


Extract with a carpet extractor using water, only. 


Pro tip: To achieve 100% success the liquid enzyme solution must make contact with the stain or odor source. Keep this top of mind as you treat the area.