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Challenges meeting the demand for hand soap & hand sanitizer

Challenges meeting the demand for hand soap & hand sanitizer

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We're experiencing a surge of need for basic hygiene essentials, and we're sorry about the delay.

The world has become rapidly aware that basic hygiene is an easy & effective way to prevent germs, disease, and viruses. This is always important, but easy to overlook or take for granted.

It's advice close to our hearts, though. We're proud to be able to serve people & families by making plant-derived versions of care & cleaning products that are natural, safe, and effective — priced modestly so they're available to everyone.

But, we're only a very small company hoping to help make a big impact on health. Recently, we were really happy to be able to offer soap & sanitizer at our normal, same prices. We had what we thought was a good amount of it, but, like you, we're shocked at the huge demand, especially relative to our small footprint in the world.

We sold out of sanitizer almost immediately. This was definitely unexpected (and unprecented for us) and we're extremely sorry for letting you down.

We're also frustrated because the gouging of prices isn't just happening on what's available for consumers in stores, but the raw ingredients needed to make these essential products, too. We are experiencing the same kinds of delays & price hikes while we try to bring you affordable hygiene products as quickly as possible.

This surge, which is affecting everyone, is unprecedented. Rest assured, though, that we are working overtime to get all of our soaps & sanitizers back in stock. And, no matter what it costs us, we will not be raising prices on these crucial items.

What we're doing now:

We've learned that we need to be very careful with what products we do wind up getting, as we don't want a few bad actors buying it all up in order to sell it at unethically inflated prices elsewhere. That's just not fair to anyone. To that end, we've created this signup box below, which will be the only way in which we alert you when these items are available again.

In short, customers & businesses alike are in a huge bind right now, and we're very sorry we are running out of stock so quickly. It's our mission to serve you openly & honestly, with no price gouging, as quickly and efficiently as we possibly can. And we are spending our nights & weekends making sure that we are able to help you during this unique time.

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