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One collection to school them all

Parent-Teacher Collection

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puracy back to school

For Parents

They may be finally out of your hair, but it's only for part of a day. When kids come home from school, parents know that messy destruction follows in their wake. Keep sanitizer handy to stave off school bugs, hand soap to boost those positive hygiene rituals, stain remover to maintain those back-to-school outfits, and surface cleaner to erase all of the gooey, sticky, and grimy messes.

For Teachers

Kids can be tornados of chaos, known for their abilities to spread "the gross" in seconds flat. That's why we've put together this plant-based defense against the dark arts: sanitizer and soap to cleanse grubby mitts, stain remover to purge the mystery marks (like from late night coffee while grading papers or popsicle stick creations), and surface cleaner for just about anything else.

Hospital-grade sanitizer for all-day use

Most sanitizer is a heavy dose of strong, cheap ethanol with some synthetic perfumes. That kills germs, but it also kills delicate hands after frequent use. We combined hospital-grade 70% isopropyl alcohol with plant-based moisturizers & subtle essential oils to make a sanitizing experience your hands can survive.


The best stain remover for impossible stains

With six natural plant-based enzymes, this stain remover completely removes nearly every stain and odor we've ever thrown at it. In our head-to-head comparisons, it blows oxygen bleach out of the water. And in just a few years, it's become the #1 natural stain remover — because it's completely amazing.

stain remover

Safe for surfaces, not for dirt

Plant-based surfactants and gentle cleansers work together to break down the toughest of dirt & grime — all while keeping surfaces safe. Ditch the caustic chemical cleansers that require gloves and a gas mask: We use natural ingredients and essential oils to provide a subtle, refreshing scent that's as clean as your freshly-wiped countertops.

general purpose cleaner

Natural hand soap for natural people

Not all hand soap is the same: Sometimes dyes are included to make it look 'fun,' synthetic fragrances are added that stick to your skin, and cheap ingredients are used as filler. Call us purists, but we use only plant-based ingredients & minerals for the best clean, and subtle essential oils for a residue-free, refreshing experience.

hand soap

Developed by doctors, trusted by families.

From the beginning, we’ve wanted to craft the most natural, safe, and effective natural cleaning & care items possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with chemists & pediatric doctors to find solutions that are gentle on surfaces & bodies, tough on dirt, and safe for those with allergies and the most sensitive of skin.

Over six years, a million customers, and tens of thousands of five-star reviews later, our mission accomplished is just getting started.