• Derived from: chamomile
  • Pronunciation: (ˈka-mə-ˌmī(-ə)l-a rə-cu-sitta)
  • Type: Natural
  • Other names: Chamomile

What Is Chamomilla recutita flower extract?

Chamomilla recutita flower extract is an oily substance made from the flower of the chamomilla recutita, or chamomile plant. Sometimes referred to as matricaria, the plant has long, narrow leaves and typically grows four to 30 inches high. It’s part of the aster family, is abundant in nature and is a native of southern and eastern Europe, though it’s also grown all over the world. Hungary, Poland, Argentina, the Czech Republic, and Germany are large producers and processors of the plant.[1] For centuries, many cultures have used chamomilla recutita, particularly the flower, which is usually white with a yellow center (similar to a daisy), for internal and external medicinal purposes. Oils and extracts from the flower are used often for treating a variety of conditions, including fevers, digestive problems, skin problems, and eye conditions.[1,2,3] They are also commonly used as anti-inflammatories and antiseptics, as well as skin-conditioning agents. The dry flowers are common in tea and baby products, among other things.[4,5] As a result, chamomilla recutita is common in a wide variety of personal care products, including hair products, cuticle softener, shave balm, cosmetics, perfumes, and others.[6,7]

What Does Chamomilla recutita flower extract Do in Our products?

Chamomilla recutita flower extract helps bind moisture to the skin. One of its components is a substance called bisabolol, which helps soften and make skin suppler.[8,9] In cosmetic products, chamomilla recutita flower extract is frequently used at concentrations up to 0.5%.[10]

Why Puracy Uses Chamomilla recutita flower extract

We use chamomilla recutita flower extract in several of our products as a moisturizer. The Cosmetic Ingredient Review and several studies have deemed chamomilla recutita flower-derived ingredients as non-irritants on skin and safe for use in cosmetics and when formulated to be non-sensitizing.[15,16] The FDA has deemed chamomile oils and natural extracts generally recognized as safe (GRAS) for food consumption, and Whole Foods has deemed the ingredient acceptable in its body care quality standards.[17,18]

How Chamomilla recutita flower extract Is Made

The flowers and flower heads of the chamomilla recutita plant are the main producers of essential oil, which is typically blue.[11,12] The plant’s peak flowering season occurs over three to six weeks in March and April, during which the flowers are harvested and dried.[13] The flower extract is typically made by either macerating the flowers and flower heads in a mixture of mineral oil and apricot kernel oil or by using hydroglycolic extraction. Chamomile extracts can also be made from the plant’s leaves and stems, but those extracts typically are used as flavoring agents and oral care agents.[14]



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