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After a long, hot summer, winter can feel exhilarating. Since cold air holds less moisture than warm air, however, this tends to be the season for dry hair and skin. 
Protecting yourself from the elements doesn't have to be complicated: Follow these natural tips to keep yourself healthy from head to toe!

The Best Ways to Improve Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Wind-chapped hands, flaking nose, itchiness – we all dread the signs of dry skin in winter. Use these tried-and-true methods to protect and nourish your skin.

1. Avoid Hot Showers

After spending time in frigid temps, the idea of a hot shower might sound inviting – resist the temptation! Hot showers are one of the biggest culprits of transepidermal water loss, which strips the body’s natural oils from the skin’s outermost layer. During your regular shower routine, turn down the tap to keep skin healthy during winter months.

2. Consider a Moisturizing Bath

itchy skin in winter
If you’re dealing with super-dry skin, a warm (not hot) bath may be precisely what you need. Because it’s gentle on sensitive skin, colloidal oatmeal is often recommended by dermatologists. Swirling a spoonful of coconut oil into bathwater is another excellent natural remedy for dry skin that can be repeated as often as you’d like.

3. Choose a pH-Balanced Body Wash

Prevent further moisture loss by reaching for pH-balanced skin care products. Properly-formulated soaps and body washes should be free of unnatural perfumes, dyes, and harsh chemicals. Try using Puracy Natural Body Wash, a fantastic blend of coconut cleansers, clinical-grade moisturizers, and lightly-exfoliating pink sea salt that leaves skin feeling refreshed.
ph balanced body wash

4. Buy a Humidifier 

When heating systems are turned on during dry, wintry months, the air in your home expands and loses moisture content. If moisture isn’t added back into the air, then you’re likely to wake up with parched skin.

A quick fix for this common winter issue is to run a humidifier while you sleep (with distilled water, of course).

5. Keep Yourself Covered

If you’re a person who appreciates the great outdoors, you’ll know that wearing multiple layers is crucial in cold weather. But don’t forget to also keep mineral sunscreen on-hand to avoid sunburn (a common result of snow glare).  

6. Moisturize Immediately After Showers and Baths

We often overlook this, but it might be one of the most important parts of keeping skin hydrated: After patting yourself dry, apply a moisturizer while your skin is still slightly damp, preferably within the first 3 minutes of exiting your shower or bath.

The hydrating blend of natural ingredients in Puracy Organic Lotion – including organic aloe vera and shea butter – will immediately soothe your skin and help to lock in moisture.
best body lotion for dry skin in winter

How to Avoid Dry Hands in Winter 

Hands take the brunt of inclement weather.  Luckily, there are easy tips to avoid cracked hands in winter. 

1. Wear Gloves 

If you’re someone who cooks and cleans, you’ll know that dipping hands in and out of hot water does a lot of damage. Avoid caustic substances entirely by using natural cleaning products, like Puracy Natural Multi-Surface Cleaner. Our plant-based formula is gentle enough to be used around all family members and is super effective on every non-porous surface. 

2. Avoid Alcohol-Based Hand Sanitizers

During flu season, it’s common practice to reach for hand sanitizers. However, many conventional hand sanitizers are loaded with harsh ingredients like alcohol that instantly dry skin. Instead, choose a natural hand sanitizer that leaves a soft layer of moisture behind.
alcohol free hand sanitizer

3. Have a Great Organic Lotion On-Hand

Puracy Organic Lotion replenishes lost moisture with aloe vera and softens skin with vitamin E – all without leaving residue behind. Whenever your skin feels a little dry, it helps to keep “emergency” bottles in easy-to-access locations (like bedside tables and your handbag). 

How to Keep Hair Healthy in Winter

We’ve all dealt with frizzy flyaways and static during winter months, but it doesn’t have to be this way. By giving your hair a little extra TLC, you’ll have sleeker, more manageable tresses. 

1. Wash Your Hair Less Often

We’ve all asked the age-old question of, “How often should I wash my hair?” Because shampoo strips the scalp and follicles of necessary moisture, consider washing your hair less frequently, especially during the winter months.

healthy winter hair

2. Choose Natural Shampoos and Conditioners

Most hair products on the market contain ingredients like dimethicone and sulfates. Not only are these additives known to remove the hair’s protective sebum, but they can also cause scalp irritation. Choose natural pH-balanced shampoo that’s gentle yet targets oil buildup. 

3. Use Hair Masks to Infuse Moisture

For the ultimate in deep-conditioning, try applying coconut or avocado oil masks to your hair before bedtime. During the day, a drop or two of sustainably-sourced argan oil is great for smoothing flyaways (all without weighing hair down). 

4. Avoid Blow-Dryers (if Possible)

We understand the need for blow-drying hair – especially when it’s freezing outside. If you’re suffering from breakage and split ends, however, try to avoid it whenever possible. Otherwise, opt to towel-dry your locks as much as possible beforehand.
tips for healthy hair in the winter

Keep Skin and Hair Healthy with Puracy Products 

This winter (and all year round) a little TLC goes a long way. Try our Body & Hair Care Box, which contains everything you need to replenish moisture and feel your very best – naturally!

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