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36 Amazing Microfiber Cloth Uses

A Puracy microfiber towel is for more than just cleaning: From burp cloths to pee pads to removing makeup, check out creative uses for microfiber cloths!

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Written by Tenley Haraldson. Reviewed by Cleaning Expert Sean Busch.

You've probably used them to wipe down countertops and windows, but there are plenty of microfiber cloth uses. In fact, there are at least 36! 

Don't Use Microfiber Cloths on These Surfaces

Sharp substances (like sand, mud, cat litter, and broken glass) can get caught deep in these superabsorbent fibers – and these might cause scratches or abrasions on delicate surfaces. Avoid cleaning muddy or exceptionally dirty items like shoe soles and car wheels. 

1. Blinds & Slats

how to clean blind slats

Before you wipe down windows, remove dust particles and dead bugs from your blinds first. Dampen your microfiber towel with water. Working from top-to-bottom, pinch a blind or slat between your fingers and run the cloth down the entire length. Rinse and fold your towel a few times during the process – or get another towel if your window treatments are extra filthy.

Pro Tip: You can use a dry cloth for light dusting.

2. Windows & Mirrors

natural window cleaner

Still using paper towels instead of microfiber towels for windows? We've got news for you: They're pretty wasteful and usually leave weird paper fuzz behind. Apply one spritz of our Natural Surface Cleaner for each 2' x 2' area, and apply medium pressure using an overlapping "Z" pattern. You're doing it right when you see the product evaporate.

3. Animal Blankets

As a cruelty-free company, the safety and comfort of animals matters to us. Puracy microfiber towels are thick and warm enough to swaddle smaller wildlife. However, since certain types of fur can be tough to remove from the material, we recommend keeping them as designated animal blankets.

Pictured: Gordon, an 8-year-old rescue.

4. Burp Cloths

microfiber burp cloth

Our towels' size, absorbency, and softness are ideal as burp cloths. During and after meal time, keep one draped over your shoulder to catch spit up. If you miss any, don't worry: Our guide to baby stains has you covered.

5. Damp Cloth for Fevers

best washcloth fever

Dampen a microfiber towel with cool water, wring it out, fold it, and place across foreheads.

6. Disinfecting Kids' Toys

puracy disinfecting cleaner

Disinfect kid's toys after play dates – especially if you notice any sort of sniffles. Saturate toys with Puracy Disinfecting Surface Cleaner, let them sit for 10 minutes, then wipe away with a towel.

7. Hair Towels

microfiber dry hair

Cotton and terry cloth towels can actually cause more frizziness. For healthier hair, pat dry with a designated microfiber towel instead.

8. Drying Pets

microfiber pet towel

A wet dog tearing through your home isn't great. Since Puracy microfiber cloths absorb 7X their weight in water, they're great accessories to keep handy. Make sure you're using a designated cloth for your animals (since fur can get trapped in the fibers).

9. Sun Hats

best way to clean hats

When cleaning straw hats, vacuum with a bristle brush attachment. Dip a towel in a bowl of warm water and Natural Dish Soap (1-2 drops) then wring it out. Use small, overlapping, circular motions to clean the entire hat.

10. Windshield Defogger

microfiber in car

Always be sure to have a microfiber towel in your glove compartment. Its ability to absorb moisture means greater visibility before your defrost setting has a chance to kick in. 

11. Electronic Screens

best way to clean tv screen

To clean electronics, power them down first so you can see the screen more clearly. Spritz a fresh cloth with our Natural Surface Cleaner and use a classic Z-pattern. However, most modern televisions can be cleaned with a completely dry microfiber cloth.

12. Facial Tissues

diy kleenex

We're not saying that microfiber towels are the best tissue alternative. However, in a pinch, they're extremely soft and incredibly absorbent.

13. Dinner Napkins

If company's coming over and you've run out of napkins, who says you can't use microfiber cloths? They're designed to wipe up food messes (on countertops and fingers)!

14. Sneaker Scuffs & Stains

how to clean sneaker scuffs


After knocking the dirt from soles and removing laces, spray shoe uppers with our Natural Surface Cleaner and gently remove stains from sneakers with a towel.

Avoid wiping the soles: Dirt contains sharp particles that can get trapped deep within the fibers (and scratch fragile surfaces later).

15. Hard Water Stains

how to remove hard water stains

There are plenty of methods to get rid of water stains. Luckily, none involve tons of elbow grease!

16. Travel-Sized Towel

vacation packing hacks

Anyone who's traveling with a carry-on suitcase knows that space matters. Since your superabsorbent microfiber washcloth will measure 16 x 16 inches, it leaves you plenty of extra room for a souvenir or two.

17. Microwave Spatters

cleaning a microwave

If someone regularly forgets to cover their food, microwave explosions (and gross food smells) are probably a problem in your home or office. Not anymore!

18. Makeup Remover

Reusable makeup wipes can be pretty expensive. A single microfiber cloth is gentle on skin, can be trimmed into multiple wipes, and used over 500 times.

19. Drying Mopped Floors

After sweeping and mopping, dry floors faster by attaching microfiber towels to each foot (rubber bands work well). Skid around to your heart's content and designate these cloths for floor cleaning. 

20. Leather Furniture Maintenance

how to clean leather furniture

Restoring the surface of your leather furniture doesn't take much time or effort: Apply our Natural Surface Cleaner to a cloth, wipe it across your furniture, and you're done!

21. Puppy Pee Pad

diy puppy pee pad

Forgot to buy a pee pad? Lay a few of our incredibly absorbent microfiber towels on the floor instead. Our enzyme-powered laundry detergent will erase all traces of urine afterwards.

22. Polishing Crystals

how to polish crystals

If you have them in your home, you'll know that crystals tend to attract dust. Since some can't be washed in water (like selenite and black tourmaline), use a dry microfiber cloth that won't tear on edges and grooves.

23. CDs and LPs

microfiber for vinyl records

To remove dust on your vinyl or CDs, wipe it off with dry microfiber for a crisper sound.

24. Polishing Brass Instruments

microfiber for brass instrument

Spritz our Natural Surface Cleaner on a towel, then revive those brassy hues on your sax, trumpet, or tuba.

25. Rosin Removal

Rosin and sweat buildup should be removed from stringed instruments after each rehearsal. Lightly spray our pH-neutral Natural Surface Cleaner on a cloth. Without touching the instrument body, lightly glide your lint-free towel over strings.

26. Iron Scorch Marks

From salt to vinegar and baking soda, there are plenty of ways to remove iron stains!

27. Car Interior Stains

how to clean car upholstery

Fast braking and sharp turns have left all of us with car upholstery stains. The microfiber cloth in your glove compartment or center console will absolutely come in handy.

28. Silverware

best way to clean silverware

Contrary to popular belief, cleaning silverware doesn't require noxious fumes. All you need is boiled water, tin foil, dish soap, baking soda, and a microfiber cloth.

29. Mattress Stains

Soaking up stains and moisture are just some of the reasons Puracy microfiber cloths are perfect for removing mattress stains!

30. Fish Tanks

how to clean fish tank

Doing a deep-clean of your aquarium? It's a great time to tell you that we offer 4-packs of our towels!

31. Wiping Down Houseplants

wiping down houseplants

Dust on houseplants restrict photosynthesis (and growth). Though you might be able to clean larger plants with a shower sprayer, you can fill a spray bottle with water, mist leaves, and gently wipe them with a cloth.

32. Dish Duty

microfiber dish drying

If you lack counter space – or want to put things away faster – our microfiber towels are great for drying dishes.

33. Keeping Babies Warm During Bath Time

keep babies warm during bath

During your baby's bath, drape a warm, wet towel on their stomach to prevent them from catching cold.

34. Ceiling Fans

how to clean ceiling fan

Your ceiling fan is one of the dustiest places in your home – and no one wants these particles floating around in your home. Trap particles by sliding a wet (but wrung out) towel over each blade, moving outwards. You may need to use more than one cloth!

35. Leather Apparel

cleaning leather apparel

Whether you're wiping your boots down each week, conditioning a bag every 2-3 months, or buffing your bomber jacket, keep leather apparel gorgeous with your microfiber cloths.

36. Cobwebs

Need to get cobwebs out of the corners of rooms and garages? Cobwebs stick to microfiber material extremely well, so attach towels to poles or mops using rubber bands.

Caring for Your Microfiber Towels

how to wash microfiber towels

The best microfiber towels attract small particles. That means they also attract lint from clothes and linens, so launder them separately.

First, clean out your lint trap before you forget. Second, select an extra rinse cycle and use a natural liquid detergent that rinses cleanly away (since detergent granules can get caught in fibers). The best way to dry microfiber towels is on a delicate cycle and removing them while they're slightly damp.

Pro Tip: Wash microfiber cloths before they’re first used, when they feel saturated, and whenever you notice streaking.

Why Are Puracy Microfiber Towels So Exceptional?

puracy microfiber

Microfiber towels might seem boring at first glance. But our business is getting your home incredibly clean with incredibly little effort.

That's why these aren't your run-of-the-mill towels from Amazon:  Puracy Microfiber Towels pack a serious punch:

  • hold 7X their weight in liquid
  • leave zero lint behind
  • safe for nearly every surface
  • 16" x 16"
  • can be used 500+ times (vs. 150-200 uses for bulk towels)

We take pride in making cleaning more enjoyable. After all, you're far more likely to clean more often with the right tools and products.