dirtiest places in your home
disinfecting surface cleaner

How to Clean the Dirtiest Places in Your Home

The dirtiest places in your home may surprise you: Learn how to eradicate biofilm on clothes, carpets, & more –and which natural bacteria killers to use!
natural haircare habits
hair care

How to Get Healthy Hair Naturally at Home

Tired of fads and products that promise healthier, shinier tresses – and don’t work? These 15 natural healthy hair tips work for all hair types!
are parabens bad
body lotion

Are Parabens Bad for You?

Are parabens bad? Discover more about paraben safety – and why Puracy pledges never to use these synthetic chemicals in our entire product lineup.
flu prevention tips

Flu Prevention Tips This Season

With influenza season upon us, we wanted to share some simple flu prevention tips to help protect you and your family.