Written by Audrey Swanson.

From formula to breast pumps to clothing, the number of items you need for your baby can be overwhelming. And just like home cleaners and cosmetics, there are plenty of potentially harmful ingredients in baby products.

Avoiding harmful chemicals in all of your baby products may seem daunting, but you really just have to know what to look for. Keep an eye out for the following chemical compounds, and whenever possible, try your best to use organic and/or natural baby products.

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9 of the Most Common Chemicals in Baby Products

1. Talc

Commonly used in baby powder to help prevent and calm diaper rash, talc is an ingredient that has been linked to several health issues. There are studies that link talc use to cancer, and talc has occasionally been found to be contaminated with asbestos. To be safe, we recommend using a talc-free baby powder to safely soothe your baby’s behind.

2. Bleach

is bleach safe to clean withTo ensure your baby products are properly disinfected and safe to use, you may err on the side of using strong cleaners. However, it’s best to avoid harmful chemicals like bleach when disinfecting any baby products. 

Bleach can contain volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) and other toxic substances. These are known to cause respiratory and skin sensitivity issues.

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3. Synthetic Fragrances

Synthetic fragrances are often used to add a “prettier” scent. But the exact ingredients that make up most fragrances are often concealed as a “trade secret”. This means that you may never know exactly what harmful chemicals are lurking in your baby’s laundry detergent or baby wipes. 

We recommend using fragrance-free products (like Puracy Natural Baby Laundry Detergent) that have been specially developed for sensitive infant skin. If you do choose a scented product, then make sure it uses a naturally-derived fragrance, such as those made from natural essential oils. 

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4. Parabens

Parabens are preservatives often used in baby care products to extend shelf life. In adult studies, these chemicals have been linked to an increased risk of breast cancer and fertility issues. Infant exposure to parabens has also been linked to growth issues during the first few years of life.

paraben freeThese health concerns are why Puracy guarantees we’ll never use parabens in any of our products. Learn more about the harmful personal care ingredients we pledge to never use.


5. Phthalates

From baby dolls to plastic slides, choosing your baby’s toys is important for development. But many children’s items contain phthalates that can be harmful if ingested, possibly resulting in reproductive and developmental issues. When shopping for baby toys, choose items made from natural substances like wood or medical-grade silicone. 

chemicals in baby diapers6. Tributyl-tin (TBT)

Sometimes found in disposable diapers, tin can have carcinogenic effects, upset hormone levels, and even damage a person’s immune system. Look for organic or chemical-free diapers, or even consider cloth diapers for your baby.

7. Flame Retardants

From car seats to pajama bottoms, many baby products come coated with a flame retardant. However, the Consumer Product Safety Commission warns that compounds in organohalogen flame retardants (OFRs) are carcinogenic, and can also lead to a lower IQ, increased hyperactivity, and even hormone and/or immune disorders. Be sure to avoid OFRs and consider using a HEPA air filter at home. 

8. Formaldehyde

Like parabens, formaldehyde is sometimes added to products like shampoo to prevent bacteria growth. However, formaldehyde is a known carcinogen and a severe respiratory irritant that can cause damage to the central nervous system.

9. Sulfates

Often used to increase foaming and sudsing in bath products, sulfates are a skin irritant. This is especially true for infants, toddlers, and those with sensitive skin. 

The Puracy Ingredients Promise

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