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Natural Laundry Detergent
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Natural Laundry Detergent

Safe for sensitive skin, 10x concentrated to last. Eliminates stains, odors, sweat, and dirt from 96 full loads of the dirtiest laundry.

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Natural laundry detergent that works. Really well.

natural laundry detergent

Developed by doctors, trusted by families.

From the beginning, we’ve wanted to craft the most natural and effective laundry detergent possible. That’s why we’ve partnered with chemists & pediatric doctors to find a solution that was gentle on fabrics, tough on dirt, and kind for those with allergies and the most sensitive of skin. Mission accomplished.


My daughter has high histamine and allergy issues. This is one of the best products for those with highly sensitive skin, the volume of cleaning power is evident with the smallest amount of Puracy. Highly Recommend!

image of Kalia



I love this Laundry Detergent. It is LITERALLY the only detergent I've used that has been able to remove mulberry stains from fabric and I wasn't even trying to remove them. One wash and GONE! Incredible!

image of Vanessa C

Vanessa C


I’m thrilled to have finally found a chemical-free, safe, gentle laundry soap that ALSO smells amazing. Works wonderfully. I use this in conjunction with the Puracy stain remover and my family’s clothes have never looked/smelled better.

image of Lindsay


Plant-based power

From sustainably-harvested coconuts to common vegetables, the 100% biodegradable ingredients inside each bottle of Puracy Laundry Detergent clean better, are safe for gray water & septic systems, and are naturally hypoallergenic, gluten-free, vegan, and Certified Cruelty-Free.


Sometimes less is more. A lot more.

Clean more with less

Say goodbye to hauling around giant jugs of watered-down detergent. Each bottle is 10x concentrated with 84% active ingredients and quadruple the plant-based enzymes. That means 96 loads of laundry per 24oz bottle, allowing you to reduce waste by over 80% while making one bottle go a very long way.


concentrated formula


active ingredients


loads per bottle

Leading Brand-X plastic jug detergent

Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent


more active ingredients

concentrated natural laundry detergent

Fight waste

Big brand detergent is designed to sell you more. Only 9% of those huge plastic jugs are active ingredients that do the actual cleaning of your laundry. Because it is so diluted, you’ve become used to using a lot.

But using more detergent isn’t effective. Not only is it wasteful to your wallet & environment, but more detergent creates excess suds which trap dirt and other bad stuff. Because excess suds are harder to remove, more of these dirty irritants stay on fabric and make their way onto your skin.

No spills, no mess

We ditched the measuring cap for the perfect pump that delivers the exact amount of Puracy Detergent needed for one load of laundry. No more heaving a heavy jug to fill a huge cup, no more runny cups ruining your surfaces, no more measuring. Just pump & go.

Plant enzyme performance

Plant-based enzymes work better than their harsh chemical counterparts at breaking down stains, dirt, sweat, blood, grease, food, grass, and more. With quadruple the enzymes and 10x concentration, your fabrics are left feeling and looking like new. Our laundry formula is gentle on delicate clothes and tough on everything that shouldn’t be there.

Subtly scented

You’ll never find synthetic fragrances or dyes in any of our products. Instead, we use simple essential oils to subtly scent Puracy Fresh Linen Detergent. For those who prefer the clean, natural smell of laundry – or want to scent laundry their own way – our Natural Liquid Laundry Detergent is also available Free & Clear (without any added scent).

Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent

Works with all washing machines

Whether you use a standard or a high-efficiency washing machine (or even an old washboard), Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent’s plant-based formula will work with it – and work hard.

Never any “Bad Stuff”

Big brands have to release separate formulations of their laundry detergent that are “safer.” And even with these low standards, they still fall short. You’ll never find the following in Puracy Natural Laundry Detergent: sulfates (e.g. SLS, SLES, SCS), petrochemicals, caustics, phosphates, phthalates, animal byproducts, dyes, chlorine, allergens, or optical brighteners.

No Bad Stuff
Made by Doctors


  • Use 1 pump for small loads in HE washers
  • Use 2 pumps for regular/large Loads in HE washers and small loads in standard washers
  • Use 4 pumps for regular/large Loads in standard washers
  • For tough stains, apply detergent directly to the stain, rub in with a laundry brush, and wash normally


How do I get the pump to work?

  1. Screw the pump onto the bottle, hand-turning the collar to the right (clockwise) as tight as you can. It is very important that it is screwed on tight as this allows the “beak” to unlock.
  2. Holding the collar and lower base of the pump with one hand and the “beak” with the other, turn the “beak” to the left (counterclockwise).
  3. You will feel the “beak” begin to unscrew. After a couple turns, it will pop up and be ready to use.

Is this safe to use in top load and front-load washing machines?
Yes. Front load machines require 1/4 oz. per load (2 pumps), and top load machines require 1/2 oz. per load (4 pumps).

Can I use this on dark clothes?
Yes. We recommend using cold tap water on a gentle cycle and turning dark laundry inside out.

Can I use this on delicate garments and denim?
Yes. We have successfully tested the 10x liquid detergent on silk, premium denim, wool, microfiber, and other fine fabrics. Always follow manufacturer's instructions for the garment you intend to clean.

Natural Laundry Detergent

Based on 1326 reviews
★★★★★ Reviewed on 05/02/2020

Super clean. Fresh scent. No toxic chemicals!
I absolutely LOVE all Puracy products. The Fresh Linen liquid laundry detergent is a fave in our house. I don’t use any toxic cleaning products. Some natural products leave a residue. Some leave your clothes smelling musty after a few washes. This liquid detergent handles our tough softball/baseball dirt, everything comes out super clean, smelling fresh, and feeling great!
-Larisa S.

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Anna P.
United States United States
The only detergent that I use!

We love this detergent! We previously purchased Puracy laundry detergent from a bulk refill shop. We would bring our own jar and fill up from their large tank. Since we moved across the country, we do not have that option any more, so I appreciate the large refill bag option to reduce packaging and waste. I purchased the refill bag with the glass Puracy pump bottle and it is working out well.

Ketsani R.
United States United States
Laundry Detergent

This is our 1st time ordering from Puracy. We were looking for alternatives and found Puracy. No looking back, we will keep ordering this product! I love the fact that it is concentrated and a little goes a long way. I also love the fragrance. This is way more economical than the 7th Generation products I have been buying for the last 10 years! Thank you Puracy. Keep up with the quality!

Erika G.
United States United States
Works great

By far the best natural laundry soap I’ve tried . It actually gets my clothes clean , other ones I’ve tried wouldn’t work bc of our hard city water but this works great. It also smells amazing too .

Michael B. Wells
United States United States
Great Product & Service

Awesome product and service! Highly recommended.

A Puracy Customer
United States United States
Good product but…

I like the detergent a lot but the bottle that it came in leaked! This happened to me twice, there was a small hole in the bottom of the pump bottle and I lost a lot of the detergent. Too bad because I wanted to use the refills in the future but I’ll have to find another pump bottle.

Anthony F.
United States United States
Laundry detergent

Very nice results with this product....... Nothing but clean!

Shelley H.
United States United States
Fantastic laundry detergent!

I have been looking for a natural laundry detergent that softens as well as cleans. This one does just that. I can’t believe it! Finally, I don’t need two products. Our water isn’t really hard so you might have to factor that in depending on your water. A couple of pumps per load and it’s done. I’m thrilled! Shelley

Carole K.
United States United States
I will never go back to a Tide again

I love this product for so many reasons. First, it really cleans (especially in combination with the stain solution, I am really messy!). The amount used per wash is minimal, and the pump dispenser is perfect. It measures what you need to use and no more dripping detergent bottles.

Paul C.
United States United States
Great Product!

We love the Puracy Fresh Linen detergent it is effective, smells great and goes a long way. This is so much better than those highly fragrant name brands that are loaded with chemicals.

Deb- h.
United States United States
Laundry detergent

Don't think it does a good job cleaning clothes.


Hi Deb, Thank you for reaching out to us! I'm sorry to hear that the Natural Laundry Detergent isn't giving you the results that you'd hoped for. We'd like to learn more about your experience. Please reach out to us directly at and we'd be happy to assist further. Best, Puracy Customer Support